Colours & Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your confections are as perfect as your event!



The colours pink, purple and blue cannot be guaranteed. These pigments are unstable and tend to fade or discolour.

Darker shades of any colour may bleed or fade into surrounding colours of frosting, royal icing, and buttercream.That is true of cake, cookies, and fondant decor.




Optimal cake and confection temperature is between 72 - 75 degrees. Buttercream icing melts quickly in the sun and humidity. Varying temperature can cause fondant to bubble and sweat, so whenever possible please keep the confection at an even temperature. Please inquire about refrigerating or freezing options for your confection.


Order Pick Ups: 


If it is elected for the order to be picked up, you assume all responsibilitiy for the condition and set up of the confection once it leaves  Pink Flower Cakes Home Studio.