Flavour List

All of my flavoured cakes are butter based and made from scratch using the finest of ingredients to give the cake a moist and rich flavour with the exception of my specialty cake flavours listed below.

My cakes consist of 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling.

First; choose the cake flavour.

Second; choose the filling flavour.

Below are some popular combinations that clients have enjoyed in the past for your consideration, but you can definitely do any combination of choice!

See the complete flavour list at the bottom of the page!


a moist butter based yellow cake with a hint of vanilla is my signature cake and the base to the rest of my recipes. Combine it with strawberry buttercream for a strawberry shortcake flavour. Add crushed graham crackers in between the layers for some extra shortcake flavour!


same rich vanilla cake but with fun sprinkles folded into the batter. Pair it with vanilla or vanilla/chocolate chip buttercream filling.

Cookies & Cream:

delicious vanilla cake with white chocolate chips folded into the batter along with a crushed Oreo vanilla buttercream filling.


a moist cake infused with cocoa. Combine it with chocolate icing to give it a decadently chocolate taste. For coffee lovers, try it with espresso buttercream for a delightful experience.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup:

the same rich chocolate cake but combined with delicious peanut butter icing and crushed mini Peanut Butter Cup pieces in between the layers.

After Eight:

german chocolate cake with a peppermint buttercream filling and crushed After eight chocolate pieces in between the layers.

German Chocolate Cake:

lighter in texture then the original chocolate cake but still with a rich chocolate flavour. Pair it with chocolate hazelnut buttercream or peanut butter icing for a delicious flavour!

Natural Velvet:

red velvet cake but without the artificial red colouring so you get the same great flavour but in a natural cocoa colouring (I can add the red colouring upon request) This cake is usually paired with cream cheese icing to give it its rich and unique flavour.

Zesty Lemon:

rich butter based vanilla cake with fresh lemon rind. Try it with raspberry buttercream to give it a tangy and refreshing taste.

Refreshing Orange:

moist yellow cake with fresh orange rind to give the cake a hint of flavour. Pair it with orange rind buttercream to get the full experience or another favourite is with chocolate.

Ferrero Roche:

a rich vanilla cake infused with finely ground hazelnuts and a chocolate/hazelnut filling with crushed Ferrero Roche chocolate pieces in between the layers.


a moist and delicious apple cake made with fresh cooked apples, blended together so that you get the rich apple flavour without the fruit pieces, and infused will cinnamon and spices! Paired with maple buttercream, it will be an instant fall favourite!


moist and delicious banana cake, made with fine ripened bananas with our signature butter base. Drizzle the cake layers with caramel for a delectable taste or pair it with peanut butter buttercream!

Chocolate Monkey:

moist and delicious banana cake with the sweet addition of mini chocolate chips and walnut pieces (walnut pieces are optional). Pair it with caramel or peanut butter buttercream for a great combination!


butter based cake infused with fresh finely grated carrots, lightly spiced with a mix of cinnamon and nutmeg. Golden raisons or walnut pieces can be added for an extra little treat! Pair carrot cake with cream cheese icing for a wonderful flavour!

Blueberry Lemon:

zesty lemon rind cake with added blueberries. Pair it with lemon rind buttercream for a delicious combination!

Raspberry White Chocolate Chip:

moist vanilla based cake with added raspberries and white chocolate chips. Pair it with almond cream cheese icing or white chocolate ganache for a delicious flavour!

Cherry Lemonade:

lemon rind cake, with or without added maraschino cherry pieces, paired with cherry buttercream. A sweet and refreshing combination!


sweet vanilla and cinnamon cake paired with layers of cinnamon buttercream sprinkled with Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Sugar, making it a sweet and cozy treat!



Cake Flavours



Confetti (vanilla cake with sprinkles)

German Chocolate (lighter texture but with a rich chocolate flavour)

Vanilla white chocolate chip

Raspberry white chocolate chip

Lemon blueberry

Cherry lemonaide

Chocolate monkey


Vanilla hazelnut

Red velvet

Lemon rind






Buttercream & Icing Flavours



Cream Cheese Icing

Mint Chocolate Chip

Raspberry (made with real raspberries)

Strawberry (made with real strawberries)

Lemon Rind

Cookies & Cream (made with crushed Oreo cookies)

Salted Caramel (with caramel drizzle in between the layers)

Orange Rind

Chocolate Hazelnut



Peanut Butter

Vanilla Peppermint

Maple Buttercream (made with Canadian Maple Syrup)

Blackberry (made with real blacberries pieces)


Cherry (made with Marchino cherries)


Specialty Flavours & Fillings:


almost any of the cake and filling flavours can be made in a dairy free option with an exception of a few flavours!

Gluten Free:

available only in cupcake form in the following flavours; Vanilla or Chocolate


available only in cupcake form in the following flavours; Vanilla or Chocolate

**Specialty flavours and fillings are subject to an additional charge

Seasonal Cake Flavours:

Pumpkin Spice:

a moist yellow cake infused with pumpkin puree and a melody of rich spices. Combine it with cream cheese icing for a rich and satisfying flavour. Pecan pieces can be also be added for a delicious flavour.

Chocolate Candy Cane:

a decadent cocoa cake made with crushed candy cane. This is great combined with chocolate mint buttercream.

Egg Nog:

vanilla cake made with a yuletide favourite; egg nog! Try it with rum buttercream icing sprinkled with nutmeg to get the festive taste.


vanilla cake with cranberry pieces folded into the batter with a rich almond cream cheese filling.