Piece of Wedding Cake

Safety Information

Prior to serving your confections, please review the information below.

Our studio is a nut friendly environment.

Although my equipment is sterilized and most of my flavoured cakes do not contain nuts, my kitchen is not a nut-free facility so I cannot guarantee a nut-free product however, I will try my best to accommodate you although, please keep in mind cross contamination can occur.

Please ensure that all pillars, dowels, sugar flowers, picks, ribbons, candles, & any non edible items are removed from the cake before cutting and consuming. Be aware that sugar flowers, although the petals are edible, they may contain wires, non edible stamens, and may have styrofoam centres depending on how large and intricate the flower.

Cake ribbon borders are attached using a sterilized pin that is located at the back of the cake. Please ensure that the pin is removed prior to cutting.

Fondant figures and decor can have a toothpick or wire in them for stability and transportation purposes. Please ensure that the toothpick or wire is removed before consuming or allowing children access to them.